Cutting-edge Hair Stylist Mickey Svircevic and his lovely protege Karyn come to you every week with the latest in hair fashion, tips, tricks, subscriber questions and hairstyle DIY’s. We hope you enjoy it and keep your comments coming in for future episodes.

In Your Hair is an informative and entertaining program which brings you up to speed with New Hair Styles, tips and tricks to keep your Salon Look every day and the latest in Hair Fashion.

In Your Hair is a perfect resource for professional Hair Stylists to keep up to speed with the latest techniques, products and trends.  The program is also a hub for ladies and gentlemen from around the world who believe that Hair is an integral part of their personality, mood and life-style.

In every episode, Mickey will address viewer questions, teach Karyn a new trick in Hair Fashion and use his magic touch on a lucky chosen client.

Ask Mickey about your Hair Style here. He will address them in future shows.