Mickey Svircevic

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Mickey Svircevic in Action

A well known fact is that Canada produces some of the greatest talent in the hairdressing industry. Amongst its elite, you will find one of the most entertaining, charismatic, and exceptional stylists from Sydney Australia. In 1994, he came to Canada to test his limits. Mickey Svircevic has certainly proven himself one of the best hair artists of our time. His experience includes platform and education as well as photo work. Over the years Mickey has worked with Paul Mitchell, Loreal, and Sexy Hair Concepts. Most recently, he prides himself as Creative Artist with Farouk System, the innovators of all things CHI. Alongside his American stage partner, Bradley Tuggle, audiences around the world flock to witness these two RULEBREAKERS educate hairstylists on the latest trends in colours cuts, texturizing and styling, all the while adding a Rock ‘n’ Roll edge to the performance. Mickey and Bradley truly push the boundaries of hair education, enlightening and motivating each individual who has the pleasure of attending their performance. They recently earned the title of Best New Artist of the YEAR. Recently crowned the Canadian Classics Stylist of the YEAR at the Canadian Hairdressing Awards, Mickey is truly a force to be reckoned with. His resume lists countless television appearances with an A-list celebrity following. Mickey Svircevic is a master of unique styling. His innovative and exciting techniques are exceptionally valuableĀ for the North American hair industry.